The effect of magnetic field on scale deposition of Birjand tap water

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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Kharazmi University, Tehran

2 Master of Science student, Civil Engineering – Environmental Engineering, Kharazmi University, Tehran


Water magnetization technology and its effect on the chemical and physical properties of water has been one of the controversial topics in two past decades. In this research, the effects of magnetic field on scaling of Birjand tap water studied using Ryznar index and two different pilot scale tests. In the first experiment, to evaluate the hourly changes of remained solids in the porcelain dishes, a pilot is designed so that water of the first tank passed through a magnetic field and then collected in the second tank. After that, TDS of the water was analyzed at 4 modes of without passing, one, three and five times passing through magnet with two replications. In the second experiment, scale deposition of tap water on a humidifier device was investigated. Results showed that the magnetic field didn’t have significant impact on the water chemistry (related to scale deposition) and it made a little change in the Ryznar index. Also, TDS of different samples passed through the magnets was about 850 mg/L and all averages were in the same category of Tukey statistical analysis method. However, sediments formed on the electrodes of the humidifier were less (43% reduction) and softer.


Main Subjects

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December 2017
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