Reviewing a scientific manuscript is a time-consuming responsibility. Hence, IWRR’s Editorial Board appreciates your willingness to accept reviewing the manuscripts. IWRR invites reviewers who can provide helpful and insightful comments on submitted manuscripts with a maximum time of about 3 weeks. IWRR ensures that high-quality articles are published and adhere to a fair double-blind peer-review process. So, the reviewers are asked to help IWRR to be maintained as a scientific journal of high quality by fair evaluation of the manuscripts, reviewing and applying their high level of expertise and ability to be objective and insightful.


 Reviewers’ Responsibilities

 Please see the following link for reviewers’ responsibility:



If you have been invited by the IWRR’s Editor-in-Chief to review a manuscript, please consider the following:


- The manuscripts should be reviewed critically but constructively. To help the authors to improve their manuscripts, please prepare detailed comments;

- Please review multiple versions of a manuscript as necessary;

- Reviewers are asked to provide all required information before meeting the deadlines;

- Please make recommendations to the editor considering the suitability of the manuscript for publication in the IWRR journal;

- Any potential conflicts of interest are asked to declare to the editor with respect to the authors or the content of the manuscript they are asked to review;

- Possible research misconducts need to be reported by the reviewers;

- Reviewers are asked to suggest alternative reviewers in case they are not interested or cannot review the manuscript;

- Please notice that the manuscript should be treated as a confidential document;

- Any use of the methodologies described in the manuscript is not allowed;

- Please notice that reviewers should not pass on the assigned manuscript to another reviewer;

- Reviewers should note that if somehow, they identify the authors, they are not allowed to communicate directly with authors or identify themselves to authors;

- Manuscript should be of high quality and original work;

- In case, a reviewer finds that the assigned manuscript is under review in any other publication, they are asked to inform the editor.


while reviewing a manuscript, the following should be checked:


- Novelty and Originality

- Valuable contribution to science

- Scientific reliability of the article

- Adding new aspects to the existing field of study

- Considering ethical aspects

- The structure of the article should be relevant to the authors’ guidelines

- Relevant references provided in the article to substantiate the content of the manuscript

- Grammar, punctuation, and spelling

- Scientific misconduct in research