Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 3 - Serial Number 66, September 2023, Pages 1-230 (Special Issue: Groundwater) 

Original Article

A Review on the Evolution of Aquifer Yield Concepts and the Role of these Concepts in Groundwater Management

Pages 1-22

Hashem Derakhshan; Ameneh Mianabadi; Abolfazl Mosaedi; kamran Davary

Development of a model for reallocation of shared aquifer resources among stakeholders based on the bankruptcy approach; Case study of Neyshabour-Sabzevar-Ataiyeh

Pages 39-56

Ehsan Bahrami Jovein; Reza Javidi Sabbaghian; Mohamad Ali Tolouei Virani; Bardia Roghani; Mohammad Fereshtehpour

Analyzing the Sustainability and Trend of the Depth to Groundwater in Mazandaran Province

Pages 180-194

Behrooz Mohseni; Abdolah Darzi-Naftchali; Farhad Mashahdi-Kholerdi; Mohammad Ali Hadian Amri

Review Paper

A Review of the Rethinking Groundwater Renewability

Pages 212-230

Hashem Derakhshan; Kamran Davary; Abolfazl Mosaedi